Colin Djukic


sound design, film music, electronic music, recordings

synthesizers, computers, fx pedals, instruments, stuff

birth, school, work, death



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Antifun Arkestra – nineeleveneleven (double vinyl  LP, Kollaps Records; synths, samples, feedbacks, recording)

Beer Slowly And Pee - Die Story von The Worldwide Thundersound (radio play; with Florian Schenkel; concept, recording, music production, mixdown, mastering) Bestes Langhörspiel Leipziger Hörspielsommer 2012

Beißpony - Brush Your Teeth (vinyl LP, CD, Chicks On Speed Records; some bass and guitar on some tracks, additional recording, composition and mixdown on the track 'Terror Of The Disctrict')

shows with Sonytagartony, destruction of Deserter Sound Studio, sound workshops

Sonytagartony  –  s/t- (one sided vinyl LP, Kollaps Records; recording and mixdown)

Philipp Gufler, Byron Kalomamas, Andrea Stiegler - Random Schematas [sic] (video installation; sound treatments and mixdown)

Philipp Gufler – Becoming Rabe (video installation; voice recording, sound design, music composition, mixdown)

Narges Kalhor – Lovo Gary (short film; sound design, mixdown)

Philipp Gufler – Een Gebeuren (video installation; sound design, mixdown)

Stephan Janitzky – Soft Power (sound installation; recording, sound design, mixdown)

Alligator Gozaimasu - s/t (vinyl LP, Ragrec; some recording; recording, production+composition, mixdown + mastering on the track 'Pikapanzer')

Narges Kalhor - Next Shadow (short film, part of film installation "Nosferatus Not Dead"; music and sound design, mixdown)

Friedrich Rackwitz - The Nosferatu Parable (short film, part of film installation "Nosferatus Not Dead"; music and sound design, mixdown)

Reality Is Only A High Score List (performance script, published in Florida Magazin #03)

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